Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rananga River Pirates!

In a few short months it will be time again for U-Con 2014 in Ann Arbor, MI from November 14-16!

U-Con is a great gaming convention with a superb Tekumel event track.

I'll be running a Fate of Tekumel game there. Here's the description:

Rananga River Pirates 

West of Thraya the river is starting to have pirate problems. 


Right now it's just the occasional trade barge… but piracy always has a way of getting worse and worse. 

A Fate of Tekumel game set in the very heart of Tsolyanu. 

No Fate rules or Tekumel world experience necessary.

Looking forward to making the pilgrimage back to Ann Arbor. It seems appropriate since Thraya is a pilgrimage city for Lord Belkhanu, and that is where my scenario is set.