Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tubecar Discs

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There are many forms of wealth on Tékumel, but a satchel of tubecar discs, like the image above by Juan Ochoa, are a sure way to put a price on your head.

Imagine all the places these discs could take a party!

Where have you been on Tékumel?

Sunday, August 27, 2017

New Illustrations for Fate of Tékumel

Juan Ochoa just turned in a whole passel of spot illustrations for the Fate of Tékumel RPG.

Here is a great one of a Feshenga:

© 2017 Tangletown Games

Monday, August 21, 2017

U-Con Tékumel Events

I'm attending U-Con this year (November 17-19) for the Tékumel track. The scheduling times haven't been set yet, but here are the events I am planning to run:

Title: “The Labyrinth of Elongated Shadows”

System: Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Short description: 17th Century Stargate! Servants of the Spanish Crown step through an obsidian mirror, entering a strange plane adjacent to fabled Tékumel - one filled with unearthly monsters and threats.  

Title: “Under Hmakuyál”

System: Fate of Tékumel RPG (Fate system)

Long description: In the year 176, Seal Emperor Trakonel I “the Blazing Light” laid siege to the city of Hmakuyál to put an end to the Pariah Deities. Unfortunately your relatives were in the city at the time of the siege. You’ve learned they are hostages of the Temple of the One Other. You’ve gained access to the city and must now enter the temple and rescue your kinfolk! FYI, “Under Hmakuyál” is the sequel to a scenario introduced at Con of the North 2017.

Title: “Borrowed Trouble”

System: Fate of Tékumel RPG (Fate system)

Short description: The Temple of Lord Belkhánu in Thráya has sent you to recover books and scrolls loaned to the Great Temple west of the city. But chaos lurks within this great temple of Stability!