Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fate of Tekumel Playtest

Yesterday was Dave Arneson Day at the Source, and since Dave was a Tekumel player and GM, I ran a playtest of some new chargen mechanics for Fate of Tekumel, and after that ran a three hour scenario set in the Forest of Gilraya. Both players were familiar with Tekumel (one is a veteran Tekumel GM, although this was the first chance we had ever had to play together), but new to Fate.

All three of us created players from the noble Rising Sun clan. We were on a hunting expedition in the Forest of Gilraya, and the party included:

  • Randy created a Sorcerer-Priest of Karakan who was a veteran of the legions. He made good use of the Doomkill and Vallation spells during the two combats in the scenario.
  • Taylor played an aristocratic swordsman who was the party's hunter.  He was very good with a spear and held it together against some very tough foes in a couple very close fights.
  • I made a socially ambitious and adept layabout from the Rising Sun clanhouse in Thraya. He was the guy trying to use a palanquin in the jungle. Poor Bekkanu met an ill-end, touching an execration inscribed into the bottom of a Hlutrgu caracole. These kind of things happen on Tekumel.  
The combats were tense and dramatic; Randy said they felt close to EPT, which is high praise.

The players shared some great feedback for the next cycle of chargen revisions, so I'll be incorporating their ideas over the next week!