Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fate of Tekumel for Dave Arneson Day at the Source

On Saturday, October 1st, Source Comics and Games will be running its annual Dave Arneson Day event. Since Dave Arneson was one of the "greatest generation" of Empire of the Petal Throne players and GMs, I am going to run a playtest of the newest iteration of the Fate of Tekumel rules as my contribution to the day's festivities.

My game will run from 2-6 PM on October 1st. 

The map above may give you a sense of the real estate involved.

Don't be surprised if you meet Dave Arneson's signature character on Tekumel, the pirate, smuggler, and all around Haida Pakalan rascal, Harchar. 

The adventure might involve frogs. Maybe even a temple.  Possibly a god.

We shall see.