Saturday, March 1, 2014

Welcome to Fate of Tekumel!

Welcome to Fate of Tekumel, our blog devoted to explorations and adventure on Tekumel powered by Fate! This blog will be the home for my fan content for Tekumel, as well as for discussions about the world, and information about my forthcoming line of "Approved for Tekumel" products authorized by the Tekumel Foundation.

We're pleased to feature the wonderful art of Juan Ochoa as the banner of Fate of Tekumel. To our knowledge, his is the first attempt to depict the Food of the Ssu, as the flora of pre-human Tekumel are collectively known.  Scroll to the right for a full view of the Food of the Ssu.

We feel that this piece, which also depicts one of the fearsome and swift Feshenga, captures the mystery of Tekumel. We hope to feature more of Juan's art in the near future.


  1. Congratulations! I'm happy to see this starting. Are you hooked up with the Skein of Destiny? It would help the blog-impaired like myself to more easily keep up. :)

    1. Hi George! Thanks so much for stopping by. I have the Skein in my blogroll, but I'll drop them a dime and make sure they know we've gone live.