Wednesday, June 4, 2014

War of Wizards

There was some interest in the last week on the Tekumel Yahoo list in my forthcoming Fate of Tekumel products. A couple of folks asked me questions offlist about how Fate can handle spells. What I shared is that I am looking at the excellent Fate Freeport Companion as a toolkit for crafting spells for Tekumel.

If you are interested in what individual spells (as opposed to broad magical abilities) can look like in Fate, feel free to check out the Galactic Grimoire of SFnal spells over at our sister blog, FATE SF.

Taking a bit of inspiration from our friend Brett Slocum, we're reading MA.R. Barker's classic  boardgame War of Wizards and taking a look at how spells are constructed there. Check back on the weekend for some conversions of War of Wizards-type spells, converted to Fate.

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