Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Despondent Chlen

Let's face it: The Despondent Chlen would be a great name for a guest house in the Foreigner's Quarter of any Tsolyani city, wouldn't it?  It would probably be a really fleabag sort of establishment, suitable only for those sufficiently desperate to hire themselves out to any patron. Of course, those desperate guests would need look no further than The Despondent Chlen's owner to find those jobs, right?

More seriously, we spent a lot of time this weekend in the Clanhouse working on our scenario for U-Con, The U-Con scenario will be the second playtest for our first forthcoming published Approved for Tekumel scenario. It was a productive weekend, with lots of creative juices flowing and some new ideas for how to make Tekumel really come alive for Fate players and GMs.

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