Sunday, November 23, 2014

Affable Blights

I had a wonderful time running Fate of Tekumel and playing in other people's Tekumel games at U-Con last weekend. I came home on Monday, returned to work on Tuesday, and began to get sick on Wednesday. I became so sick that I took Thursday and most of Friday off.

I'm still not 100%.

So I guess "con crud" is real, and not just an excuse for delayed Kickstarters.

About the only thing I've been able to do in the last several days besides sleep, blow my nose, and cough is read about half of M.A.R. Barker's Lords of Tsamra.  It holds together a lot better than A Death of Kings, and is somewhat appropriate reading at the moment, as it deals with a plague.

Flying across Livyanu by aircar towards the independent city-state of Dlash, our heroes have landed in a remote mountain village where the locals speak "Dlashi, a tongue not related to the languages of the Five Empires, but - very distantly - to another ancient stock named Sunuz".

Interesting to say the least.


  1. I'm glad that you're recovering from the Blight!

    Regarding your last note, your readers might like to know that Barker's essay on the language of Sunuz is available in pdf form. Unlike his other linguistic essays, this work goes beyond language details. It gives some description of the very different system of magic practiced by writers of Sunuz, who were/are worshippers of the Pariah Deities...

    Also, in 2003 Barker and Giovanna Fregni printed and sold a small number of maps of the city of Dlash, with a brief gazetteer pamphlet. These were distributed mainly at U-Con. Unfortunately they have not been made available since then.

    1. Wow, a Dlash map and gazetteer! One more reason why discerning Tekumel fans come to U-Con!

      I have my own reflections on the Grammar of Sunuz several posts down in the queue. I found it a pretty interesting wead, wth some good insights into the lore of the planes and magic.

      Thanks for your comments, George!

    2. I have a copy of the Dlash map and gazetteer. I'll let you borrow it or something.

    3. Cool! I'd love to see it. I am in Dlash right now!