Friday, November 20, 2015

Ahoggya Ark - 12th Plane Encounters

The 12th Plane is a jungle level. The primary denizens are Ahoggya, Shen, Platform Builders, and Tribal humans and mutants. And other mutants.

The jungle is dense. Crossing 1 mile of jungle on foot takes four hours. If travelling by water (canoe, raft, boat), it takes 1 hour to cross a mile of jungle. Roll 1D6 per mile of jungle crossed. On a roll of 5 or 6 there is an encounter.

Consult the On Land and On or Near Water tables below as appropriate.  Standard mutant descriptions and number appearing notes start on p. 17 of MA. Distribution of Monsters (Mutations) and Treasure rules and tables are on p. 20-22. Standard encounter tables by terrain type are on p. 22.

On Land Table
  1. Ahoggya party
  2. Platform Builder party (1)
  3. Shen party
  4. Tribal party
  5. Mutated human
  6. Mutated animal (2)
  7. Mutated plant
  8. Mutated Ahoggya
  9. Cyber-Ahoggya
  10. Gachaya (dragon-like 10 M long lizard from Shen worlds)
  11. Thief Beast (p.17)
  12. Hyehoon
(1) If at night time, substitute Qol, who often emerge from the sublevel below 12.
(2) Common forms include Atlun (spiders), Nyar or Tsi'il or Chlen, Feshenga, Hu, Giant Dri (ants), Syusyu (small Shen lizards, 4-6 cm, many edible, some poisonous), Sezhme (snakes, some segmented, some not; many poisonous).

On or Near Water Table
  1. Hlu'un
  2. Ghar
  3. Sezhme (snakes)
  4. Ahoggya party (waders)
  5. Ahoggya party (raft)
  6. Shen fisherfolk
  7. Hisser (p.17)
  8. Fern Bush (p.18)
  9. Dart Weed (p.18)
  10. Winged Biter (p. 17)

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