Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ahoggya Ark

My head is exploding! Is it a mental attack? If so, I'll just have to tick one mark off for a successfully resisted attack and get on with things!

This week, I'll be running my Metamorphosis Alpha scenario, Ahoggya Ark at U-Con in Ypslanti, Michigan. The event is cross-listed on both the Tekumel and OSR theme tracks, and happens on Friday, November 20, from 10 AM-2 PM. It looks like there is still a ticket left for the event if you want to play!

We're in High Convention Prep Mode here, and I spent the day with the Anubian Ambassador at my side, reading the rules to Metamorphosis Alpha. It was quite a trip back in time, to a day when RPGs sometimes had a dizzying array of subsystems packed into a very small shell. I have to say that Goodman Games has done a great job bringing this classic SF RPG back into broader circulation with a series of deluxe editions and new supplements and art!

+B. Portly has done a great job in designing a new GM screen for the game, and his character sheet designs support the GM and players in not forgetting some of the nuances in the rules, such as the little ticks for Mental Attacks resisted.

My generation ship scenario is something of a crossover between Metamorphosis Alpha and Tekumel/Humanspace Empires universe. It will be accessible to people who know nothing about either setting - so there's no barrier to entry!

Come join us for an adventure on the 12th Plane!

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